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Back in the day we made a website called stay juice but due to the hosting company being questionable we closed it down, however we are back this time with an outstanding host in Iceland where we are protected by free speech. Our guide will be hosted here and updated, we will recommend tools etc. and the reasoning behind them…. We are now known as GigglyFox

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Anti-Forensics Guide

Download Anti Forensics Book can be downloaded Here or from google drive

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This page is our directory to all links Anti Forensic related and gets updated frequently

Hardware & Software

Useful information about anti forensic software & hardware

Whats New

Blog Post of IMSI-Catcher & Cellphone Towers Added

Blog Added 24/04/2019

Firefox Privacy Profile download & New Privacy Browser Added 19/05/2019 to our firefox section (Page)

Website Mirror added provided by C.Gnaw

firefox logo
firefox Privacy

Added New Firefox Privacy Section – one stop shop for Browser Privacy

Privacy for the Paranoid and the Super Paranoid

Added Windows 10 section on Anti ForensicsWhich is updated frequently

this will be updated over the coming days

Coming soon….

Possible Podcast coming…….. Upddated guides on Windows, firefox, methods of anti-forensics and how to proect your data, if we can we might create our own anti forensic web browser but this depends upon time and timescales