Hak5 wifi pineapple is a peice of kit that we are not that impressed with however it has its uses, The Raspberry Pi zero W can do most of what the Pineapple can do and you can connect to the PI using a nexus tablet that has been rooted and a usb cable and power it from a battery bank.

What we like is that you can spoof mac address, you can connect to a vpn through the wifi pineapple and use it as a Ethernet adapter via usb

its handy at capturing handshakes and is really good at it in the right conditions but its deauth feature is kind of  weak and buggy.

you could get 4 or 5 Raspberry Pi Zero W add a battery bank, a good wifi card and then bulk deauth or even start a denial of service attack against wifi networks all without much work. I see people selling wifi jammers online which are expensive and these little devices can cause as much chaos to a wifi network

for the price of the Wifi Pineapple and Pineapple nano you could have a raspberry pi cluster or just a bunch of them running off of a 10000mah battery or a set of battery banks.

lets say you were on a wifi network and some selfish jerks were hogging all of the bandwidth, making it super slow and not that easy to connect too, just bulk deauth until the user gives up and leaves the network and then the network is all yours, this works well at coffee shops and busy places.