we have worked together with a group of animal rights and we name and shame animal abusers

Caroline O’Connor Girvan Ayrshire Horse Horses abuse

has appeared in the news several times and this was brought to our attention by somebody in America you can see the news articles here ,here and hereĀ 

for archival purposes we link screenshots to the articles in case they are removed

you can find the plane-text links here


She works at 8 Chalmers Arcade at the car wash based in the Chalmers Arcade Car-park in Girvan, Ayrshire KA26 9ES

She lives here

Caroline O’Connor 22 Torcy Way Girvan Ayrshire KA26 0EY

There are a number of Facebook posts of outraged members of public


Whispering Willows Sanctuary was one of the original organizations on facebook who documented the videos on the animal abuse on her group you can find video evidence


They are fast to name and shame all criminals in the UK by reading their address and personal details in court but for some reason this woman’s details are kept from the public and she was arrested for past crimes and is being investigated by the SSPCA

Caroline O’Connor Girvan Ayrshire Horse abuse animal abuse animal neglect SSPCA facebook

Gigglyfox only host public records which can be freely gathered we do not check the accuracy of these records however they taken from the same records that the authorities use

other known associates at the same address

Kieran Fox

Stephen Fox

Caroline Fox (Same person as Caroline O’Connor)

This is in protest against animal abuse we are a group of peaceful protestors and this is our protest page against all forms of animal abuse

other cases will be added as we uncover them and they are random cases that we take a keen interest, we do not know these people personally and its down to you to decide if they are good people

this is only one side of the story available from the public information out there at this moment in time