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Firefox Privacy Profile download & New Privacy Browser Added 19/05/2019 to our firefox section Click Here

Blog Added 24/04/2019

A fan kindly mirrored our website click here

Windows 10 Anti Forensics Updated 19/04/2019

New section for the paranoid added 19/04/2019

Firefox privacy section added 19/04/2019

Amcache Wiping Delete Amcache Added to Windows 10 20/04/2019

How to delete Windows 10 Timeline History for Windows Time line 20/04/2019

ShimCache added, Erase Windows Recent Items added, Windows Background Activity Moderator (BAM) Deletion added, 21/04/2019

Windows 10 privacy is our main focus at the moment but we feel that we almost have it covered but will add information how to block Microsoft spy p2p server

We will be looking at Linux forensics and work on this

In the pipeline we have Mac OSX but the timescale for this is several months away.

Windows 10 anti forensic PDF will be available shortly when the section is finished.

We Ask that visitors or members mirror or share the PDF or information contained on this website for archival purposes as we are not sure how long our website can survive in this climate given the cost of hosting free speech offshore content but we maybe able to maintain it for a couple of years at a minimum