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FireFox Privacy Guide

Firefox has many features but we have chosen it because there are portable usb versions of firefox out there or regular versions and all of them can be tweaked and easily programmed to keep your browsing history safe

we will cover useful plugins, edits using about:config and how you can make firefox more difficult for websites to fingerprint and to trace

your browser gives a lot of information out about you and if you head over to you can see what your browser reveals websites can view and log, location, browser versions, what cpu and system you are using and much more but with my guide we will be spoofing everything and even causing firefox to forget our history if we choose too

in an ideal world we would place portable version of firefox on a fast usb 3 device with encryption and there will be little to no privacy issues especially if you follow this guide

Most of our work will be done using either about:config which you type in to Firefox Address bar and hit enter “Accept the Risk Warning” or it will use plugins.

Gps Location Privacy

First Privacy concern we will spoof our GPS location by going in to about:config and add a new string called geo.wifi.uri and entering this value and saving it

data:application/json,{“location”: {“lat”: 64.963051, “lng”: 19.020836}, “accuracy”: 7.0}

for the Lat & Lng settings go to and look up coordinates for the location you want to be seen as coming from (wise to make it match your vpn server location) we just put some random Longitude and Latitude in

Cpu Info Spoofing

This helps prevent websites reading your true cpu information

go to about:config add a new string called general.oscpu.override and enter this in the string: Apple Inc

you can add anything you want from ARM64, ARM, Intel, Amd here are some examples you can use

Operating system
oscpuInfo string format
OS/2 Warp x (either 3, 4 or 4.5)
Windows CE
WindowsCE x.y1
Windows 64-bit (64-bit build)
Windows NT x.y; Win64; x64
Windows 64-bit (32-bit build)
Windows NT x.y; WOW64
Windows 32-bit
Windows NT x.y
Mac OS X (PPC build)
PPC Mac OS X x.y
Mac OS X (i386/x64 build)
Intel Mac OS X x.y
Linux 64-bit (32-bit build)
Output of uname -s plus “i686 on x86_64”
Output of uname -sm
1x.y refers to the version of the operating system

to test your new string to go

Plugins for Privacy

Please note that plugins come and plugins go, some become outdated and newer versions of Firefox may not support them

CyDec Platform AntiFingerprintby Heilig Defense firefox plugin

this helps prevent web browser fingerprinting “Google Web Browser Finerprinting”

Cydec AntiFingerprinting also spoofs your browser agent if you wish

Next we have Spoof Timezoneby Joue

because why not? you spoofed your geo location you changed your ip address using a vpn to match you might as well have the matching web browser timezone to match.

NoScript (tor uses noscript to block scripts from running on your browser

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker blocks Ad trackers Privacy Badger is another Alternative becuase who doesn’t love Badgers?

Privacy Settingsby Jeremy Schomery helps you tweek privacy settings in firefox.

Disable WebRTCby Chris Antaki
Featured ExtensionFeatured Extension

WebRTC leaks your actual IP addresses from behind your VPN, by default so this is a must have for vpn users

some of these plugins and similar ones can be found on chrome

UPDATE 19/05/2019

Download our new privacy configuration file in Zip Format Here Or Non Zip Format Here

Use MozBackup to restore the configuration file by following the simple instructions set out on their website and select the configuration file you downloaded from gigglyfox

What does this configuration file do?

Keep you safe by disabling many tracking features, spoofing your user agent via the built in plugins and adons and also prevents audio finger printing WebRTC IP leak will be prevented, canvas finger printing, geo location will be spoofed and much more plus you will get a nice theme

The results of our configuration file scanned at

as you can see strong protection against tracking, Also our plugin blocked audio fingerprinting and yes thats a thing.

Firefox Installer Download

Our modded browser can be downloaded for free here some anti virus flag it as a false positive, we downloaded the exe straight from mozilla (offline installer) then unpacked it usinf 7zip , downloaded the adons from mozilla and edited the about:config then repacked it using 7zip

VirusTotal results can be found here