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Our Mission Statement

Now more than ever our free speech is being attacked by the man, there are many people and situations where people‘s freedom is being threatened, we are a member of an Anti-Police action group and time and time again we see people who have been violated repeatedly by the authorities who lie and conspire to pervert the course of justice

The authorities lie, twist and conclude and cover up their unjustly acts, our mission is to level the playing field and give protection to activists and innocent people who have done nothing wrong, people who have merely gone online to protest and speak out against the corruption in society

I have personally been targeted for free speech the rabbit hole of corruption runs deep, they tried to do a real number on me and time and time again I have kept my freedom thanks to the methods contained on this website.

There are many approaches to Anti Forensics, each are just as powerful and safe but you must be religious, treat your data as if it was a credit card, a passport or your banking details, if such data falls in to the wrong hands it can be used by those who have ill intentions.

Our methods have been tried and tested against the best of the best government agencies and they could not retrieve any personal data.

This website is my legacy, my good will gesture to keep people safe from these bent and corrupt authority figures. It’s not just limited to police, government, it can be corrupt medical officials, members of parliament, press.

Remember this, anything you say or do can and will be used against you, any data you use will be recorded, even at a visit to a doctor’s office, a talk with the press or MP, police officer etc., your data is recorded and held  in databases, even telephone calls are recorded, if you ever been inside a police cell and used the telephones they provide to seek legal advice you will notice an echo, or clicks or noise on the line, this is because the calls are recorded to be used against you, the same in real life. If you hear any type of noise on the line, it could indicate you are being recorded, yes even on cell phones, they use devices to spoof the cell signal and your cell phone connects to it and they can listen and even read your text messages, I will go in to this in a future article.

The point being is that if you do not want the world and his wife knowing your business, never share it with anyone who you do not trust with your life, there are ways of erasing online and offline records stored by organisations, we will cover this in a later post.

We are your one stop privacy shop to keep you safe from the Man as we know too well how evil the man can be and your average person on the street is helpless or defenceless against them unless they become educated through free information.

Your average police officer or civil servant on the street is dumb when it comes to technology. Your best defence if stood in front of one is to remain silent or just say No Comment! Think of the man as a information / intelligence gathering machine that’s sole purpose of employment is to gather evidence, nothing you can say to them will help you. If you stay silent they have nothing to use against you and the bluff in which they state that your silence can and will be used against you in court is a load of bullshit to scare you in to compliance. That is how the system works on intimidation and scare tactics and your average sheep will get scared and talk.

Remember this, if you are ever arrested, never ever allow the police to provide you with a lawyer as they are specially chosen by the police and are very friendly, buddy with them and they pick the most useless, dumb incompetent lawyer ever, go on to the Legal 500 website and choose a top solicitor, most of them are available on legal aid (UK)

If you followed the guides and information set out on Gigglyfox you will stand a fighting chance against the corruption.

GigglyFox we reserve the right to update out mission statement  at any given time to improve it, gigglyfox never will collect visitor data other than how many visitors visit our main page, no ip addresses  or other identifying information are collected