GigglyFox Anti Forensics

Privacy for the paranoid

This section talks about setups for privacy for you to consider and focuses on the paranoid and this is my most creative page yet, there will be something for most user and will cover different systems, budgets

because most of us do not have deep pockets


if you are super paranoid or do not have the time and effort to put in to anti forensics and your technical skill ranges from average to advanced then there will be something here for you, from a poor mans USB flash drive methods to windows, Linux, android and IOS we will have something for you.

Windows laptops or tablets etc

Firstly for this we are going to use windows, 7, 8 or 10 and we are going to use a usb flash drive, we are using , Steganos Portable Safe to
Create a Portable Safe on USB storage devices which is usb stick with a encrypted safe to store data and we are going to encrypt a fast usb 3.0 flash drive and once you have created this and chosen a strong password you are going to download Firefox potable or even camerashy which is a privacy browser that forgets history and you are going to store it and run it from your encrypted drive. if you are using Firefox portable then disable history Tools>Options>Privacy

if it can’t remember it, it never happened -Gigglyfox

you can download and install many portable apps (Google portable apps) on to your drive and contain the data and if you are super paranoid find a portable sandbox and run the apps from a sandbox or you can use 1. BitBox (Browser in the Box) the personal edition seems to be free

we have not tested Browser in a Box yet but it is on our list

Why usb flash drives?

They are cheap, fast they are getting smaller and smaller, they are easy to hide or destroy by secure wiping (Use R-wipe, Privazer or even Ccleaner etc) or you can easily flush, destroy them with fire or a hammer (please be-careful)

Super paranoid

for the super paranoid use both hardware encrypted USB flash drives and use software encryption such as Steganos safe


use your favorite portable / usb bootable flavor of Linux such as Kali, Tails, Ubuntu and encrypt the usb drive and you can even now get bootable hardware encrypted usb flash drives for the super paranoid,, several companies make them such as is just one example of bootable encrypted usb flash drives but amazon sell them also.


Android comes in many flavors from custom roms to stock and all sorts of versions. We prefer rooted devices and from years of experience Samsung devices are the easiest to root and restore to stock if needed but you can root many different devices.

Rooted Vs Non Rooted

Anti forensics is possible on both rooted and non rooted versions of android but with rooted it makes life a whole lot easier.

With a new device or a wiped device, root it, install trwp and backup your stock rom on to a usb otg stock or a sdcard depending on your setup then save the backup and keep it safe. Whenever you need to wipe it, just go to applications on your android device and wipe all application data and cache on the apps you used for example you may want to clean the browser data, messages, emails, anything that maybe a privacy concern or that has your user data on, then once you have done this run ishredder for android and wipe the free space, then do a factory reset using TWRP and restore the back up of your ROM and it will over write everything.

for android we recommend Firefox or Seafox as again you can easily disable history and get addons and even tweeks using about:config and there are many things you can spoof on Firefox.

if you do not have a rooted device then just wipe the app data and cache, and over write the free space using ishredder for android

IOS???? its easy Golden rule no 1 for any Iphone or Ipad is set up a strong alphanumeric password with both upper, lower case number and special charterers such as DU8Z77Al@%$!”FkPa#48={[}[&^ for example the longer the better but as a minimum use a 14 digit password

Rule 2 use a vpn and yes a cheapo free one like hotspot shield or tunnelbear and register in a random name if you cant decide on a name or forgot what your name is just use

Rule 3 Use use incognito tabs in your browser or use the privacy mode

Rule 4 never store anything on the cloud, Notes? forget it don’t save anything to the Icloud storage as apple can and will hand over this information, photos? forget it, Don’t even think about it just don’t store anything on the cloud, promise? good. Activists cant afford to share data, once its uploaded in to cyber space, controlling access to private information is anybody’s guess because companies sell and share data, don;t believe me? just look on and enter your name or email address, somebody gave them that data. if you appear on or similar websites you failed at privacy my friend.

Rule 5 and is the most important rule, wipe your device when you are finished with you activism if you are worried about privacy or someone going through your data

Settings and tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. If you turned on Find My iPhone, you might need to enter your Apple ID and password. If asked for your device passcode or Restrictions passcode, enter it. Then tap Erase

Erase Iphone / Ipad /Ipod Touch data

This will erase your encryption key / data

Final throughts

Android devices are cheap you can pick them up for little money or even get them second hand cheap. do not trust the encryption on them through as its easy to bypass android security, I have got in to many android devices that I brought at Lost Property auctions by using glitches

Iphones not so much, if a mugger took off with your Iphone and its securely encrypted with a strong password (No not a 4 digit pin that’s asking for trouble) then it wont be of much use to them in our opinion

Windows laptops and tablets are getting cheaper and cheaper in price but are getting harder and harder to take a part and upgrade yourself and most ship with Windows 10 by default now, hence why we made the Windows 10 privacy guide

if a newer version of windows comes out we will endeavor to keep our guides up to date so you stand a fighting chance in this digital age against those who wish to silence us or take away our liberty

we always try to keep up with technology that is quickly and forever changing, but your advantage is that most civil servants are I.T Illiterate and that is where you have the upper hand but never take that for granted as one day you may come across one that is familiar with I.T

Keep safe out there whoever you are…….. stay tuned for more pages of my rants on privacy